There is SO much to this interactive report, we can’t fit it all on a small screen.... We invite you to bookmark this page to visit on a larger device.

Image: a cover image of the report, showing a crowd holding a sign that reads VOTA! (VOTE!)

On a larger device, you can explore an interactive timeline of the shifting policy landscape in California from 2010–2020, and some of the victories of our BHC partners along the way.

Track these across 16 thematic keywords, such as #YouthVoice, #VoterEngagement, #SchoolClimate, and #MassIncarceration:

Image: (a thumbnail preview of a graphical timeline with 4 events shown between 2015 and 2017)


Please visit this page on a larger screen for an interactive map. You will be able to zoom in to each community and see just how many local improvements our partners made to building their Voice and Power, expanding their preventative Health, improving Schools, and strengthening their Neighborhoods.

Image: (a thumbnail preview of a graphical map, zoomed into the Los Angeles area

Goal Statement